Support Visits with a Difference

Communicare's Work for the Dole participants helped create quilts, 'feelings' dolls and sensory rugs to give to various not for profit ECCC's

Pictured above: Debbie (left), Vicki (centre) and Atiqah (right) at the Coolabaroo Centre

During a WA inclusion Agency leadership meeting partners Communicare, One Tree and Wanslea identified that some ECCCs would welcome some additional resources that were handmade and provided free of charge. WA Inclusion Agency requested a Work for the Dole project be initiated with the Communicare Work for the Dole participants in Cannington to provide quilts, 'feelings' dolls and sensory rugs to not for profit ECCC's.

Inclusion Professionals frequently visit ECCC's and welcomed the opportunity to add to their support visits by delivering these beautifully made resources.

Inclusion Professional Sarah Woods was warmly welcomed at the Wyndam Childcare Centre, as in this remote area of the Kimberley they receive few visitors. She was greeted by a child running up with a big smile and excitedly exclaiming “Sarah you’re here!”

Sarah said: 

"After receiving such a lovely welcome it was wonderful to be given the opportunity to provide children at the centre with Emotions dolls and Sensory mats to play with and keep. These incredible handcrafted resources have been provided by individuals from the Work for the Dole program and were greatly received by the centre. During my visit I was delighted to see 'Puppet Princess' being encouraged to self-regulate by a child in the SEL’s Peapod Calming station."

The centre coordinator Belinda Page emailed Sarah later and commented:

“Hi Sarah, I always enjoy a visit from you they are so much fun. Thanks for all your help with everything. Our children love the dolls. 'Princess' and 'Megs' go on picnics, they went on a train ride to the zoo yesterday. So yes the dolls are very well used and so extremely loved.”

Ten boxes of quality resources are gradually being distributed to not for profit ECCC's across WA with local metro ECCC Coolabaroo and several OSH's in the Kimberley recently receiving boxes.
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The Inclusion Support Programme is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.