Inclusion Support Portal

An easy-to-use web application facilitating interaction between ECCC services and the Inclusion Support Programme.

The Inclusion Support (IS) Portal is a user-friendly web-based application where ECCC services can develop their Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP) and apply for funding from the Inclusion Development Fund if the need is identified.

The IS Portal is a secure Government application and for security reasons requires all users to acquire an AUSkey prior to access.

Inclusion Professionals can provision one portal user from an ECCC service who can then grant access to other users from its service.


An AUSkey is a secure login that identifies you when you use the IS Portal. At least one person from an ECCC service must be registered for an AUSkey in order to interact with the IS Portal, create a SIP and apply for funding support from the Inclusion Support Programme.

Registering for an AUSkey is free and can only be downloaded from the Australian Business Register website.

Strategic Inclusion Plans

Services receiving support though the Inclusion Support Programme must develop a Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP). The SIP enables ECCC services to identify and document the barriers that are impacting on the successful inclusion of all children. It works on a strengths based approach to develop goals and strategies that will help educators feel confident in welcoming all families with diverse needs into their service.

SIPs also identify if additional support from the Inclusion Support Programme is needed, such as Specialist Equipment or Inclusion Development Funding.

The Inclusion Development Fund

Four streams of funding are available through the IDF to address barriers that cannot be resolved with support from an Inclusion Agency alone:
  1. IDF Subsidy for an Additional Educator: Funding to increase the educator-to-child ration to support the inclusion of a child or children with a disability and/or undergoing assessment for a disability.

  2. IDF Subsidy for Immediate/Time Limited Support: Funding to immediately engage an additional Educator for a time limited  period.

  3. IDF Subsidy for a Family Day Care Top Up: The IDF FDC Top Up provides a fee top up payment to an Educator who is including a child with ongoing high support needs, where due to the child’s significant additional support requirements, the educator is unable to enrol the maximum number of children allowed under the National Law.

  4. IDF – Innovative Solutions Support: This is a flexible funding option to allow services to fund an innovative solution to address barriers to inclusion. For example, funding to engage translating services, Indigenous language and cultural support or bicultural support services.

The Inclusion Support Programme is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.